3 Quick Tips for YouTube Marketing


Trying to decide on how to use YouTube effectively for your company can be a little difficult. It’s a great medium in certain situations, and probably not the best in others.  I have used YouTube in the past to drive up interest in companies and have developed a few great tips, from my experiences, that I wanted to share.  YouTube, has a following over 300million, and any marketer that doesn’t consider it would be missing out on a large audience.  To help your business utilize YouTube effectively I have come up with 3 Quick Tips, and some related articles as well.





1. Focus:  Make it entertaining to the audience.  The more interesting and funnier or thought provoking the content is, the more likely your customers will share it.  I also highly recommend you to encourage your customers to try making similar videos, in fact hold a contest on your site where people can vote on customer submitted videos for a small prize.
2. Integrate:  This is really important, make your YouTube marketing efforts flow with your other social media marketing efforts.  Like I said in the first tip, make sure you use YouTube to get your customers to use other aspects of your site, Facebook, Twitter etc.
3. Connect:  Respond to the posts that people make about your video.  Have a negative comment?  Don’t ignore it!  It is the perfect time to bring an disgruntled customer back into the fold.  Show people that you care and it will help your social marketing strategy more than anything else.

I hope these tips help, like I said they are pretty quick hits, check back for more detailed posts on the strategies for using YouTube successfully.

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