Six Pillars of Social Media Marketing

Social media has a lot of upside, like anything with potential there are a few basics, or pillars that you need to consider before using it as a tool for your company.  Check out these basic social media marketing tips before you use social media as a new marketing channel for your firm.  Already have a social media campaign going?  Then use this as a check list.





1.  Take the Time!  You really do get what you put into your social media marketing, yeah I really just used that cliche.  You have to set aside a couple of hours a day for your social media marketing efforts, and if you are using social media as a way to do customer service, then you have to be prompt with your responses to comments, tweets, posts etc.

2.  Realize exactly what your trying to accomplish with your social marketing.  Social media marketing is like any other marketing, you can use it in a lot of different ways.  It can be used to introduce a new product, gain exposure for an existing product, be a lead generator, or help to engage your customers at more of a personal level.  It doesn’t matter what you are trying to accomplish with your social media, it matters that you KNOW what you are trying to do.

3.  Understand the basics.  Yeah with social media that can be easier said than done, but their are definitely a few things you should know about.  Take the time to understand the basics of SEO, Edgerank (for Facebook, if your using it), and what different social media sites tend to work best for the type of product you are trying to market, or goal you are trying to achieve.

4.  Find a good dashboard.  There are several different good ones out there, two that I use to an extent are hootsuite and Buffer.  Be careful though, try not to post the same content to the same people across multiple channels.   Use social media as a personalized marketing tool, not a mass marketing one.  Your audience will appreciate that (and not unlike you).

5.  Drink and be merry, but don’t be boastful.  The company doing good?   That is great and you should definitely let your audience know about it, but doing so constantly can get redundant, I suggest leaning more towards sharing usable content for your audience, and catchy, funny sayings.  The reason is it is a reminder about your product, without being to pushy.  I think Sunkist accomplishes this better than any other company I have seen on the web.

6.  It’s all about the timing.  Knowing when your audience is viewing your content, articles, ads, etc. on social media is as important as the ads themselves.  Different times of the day are going to be the best times for you to post your content to your audience.  Look at your reach when you are posting your articles, and figure out which (on average) are providing the best amount of reach.