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The Best Marketing Blogs to Follow

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

You are what you read, here are the best marketing blogs to follow

I remember meeting one of my college roommates' dads. He was 6 foot 6 270lbs and had a teacup chihuahua in his arms. He was staying the weekend with us. He was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I don't remember what branch of the government he was in, but I'm pretty sure it was the FBI. After getting to know him a little better he started talking about what it was like at his job. One thing he mentioned that I found fascinating is that they were expected to read the newspaper from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. every day.

Why was this so important I thought? When I asked him, he said that it kept them up to date on what was happening around the world, and gave them clues to what could happen. Here are five blogs that I really enjoy, and that keep us up to date on a lot of the changes in the marketing world.

Content marketing, strategy, and copywriting help all in one place. This is probably my favorite place on the internet, I have been reading it for years.

A blog run by the Unbounce platform. It helps marketers create, convert, integrate and optimize landing pages.

Literally has its own academy, is an excellent CRM, and makes for a great email campaign platform. I love brushing up on my skills when I haven’t used something in a while on Hubspot Academy. The biggest drawback is it's a bit pricey to get to some of the basic uses for its tools.

I’m not the best coder in the world. I wouldn’t even call myself a coder, even though I know a couple of languages. Kinda like when I spent four years learning Spanish in college, I was so bad I truly think my final professor passed me out of pity. But I could, and still to some point, understand it. I can even understand a decent amount of it depending on the speaker’s accent.

Buildfire is neat because it is a website that helps people with little to no coding experience create apps with No Code to very little code. Want to develop an App everyone can sign into to show who needs the conference room? They got you covered.

As the name implies this blog is really focused on Content marketing and different channels to develop it on.

What You Read Determines Your Marketing Strategy

These are just some of the marketing blogs we read. They show us things we haven't thought of or bring new trends to our attention.


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